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Dale Duby - Certificate of Authenticity

This division produces very high grade obsidian stone knives, lances and tomahawks for individuals, gift stores, catalog companies and national chain stores.

Over the years, Great Basin Art's knife line has been expanded from a few very basic aboriginal styles to now include many different handle materials, including bone, wood and antler. Many styles offer custom art work, including scrimshaw, carving and beading. Great Basin Art's knives include oblique parallel flaking and fine craftsmanship on the handles. Juniper knife stands are available for each knife size. The larger size stands are offered in Twisted Juniper wood, as well.

Order one or multiple knives. All Great Basin Art Custom Knives come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

We offer several more styles of knives. Call for descriptions, prices, or to order.

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Elk Jaw Bone Scrimshaw Knife Approximately 15 Inches $225 - KN1122. Deer Antler Knife. Small 6 to 8 Inches $60 - KN1113. Elk Antler Tine Knife. Beaded or With Wolf Track. 7 to 8 Inches $59 - KN1106. Deer Antler Knife. Medium, 8 to 10 inches $86 (With Scrimshaw and Stand $145. Plain with Stand $110) KN1114.
Deer Antler Knife. Large, 10 to 12 inches. X-Large, 12 Plus Inches $125 - KN1115. Deer Leg Bone Knife. Small, 6 to 8 inches $60. Medium, 8 to 10 Inches $86 - KN1108. Buffalo Bone Scrimshaw Knife. Medium 8 to 10 Inches $120 - KN1120. Elk Antler Scrimshaw Knife. Medium, 8-10 inches $120. Large, 10-12 Inches $175. X-Large, 12 Plus Inches $225 - KN1119.
Deer Antler Scrimshaw Knife With Drop Point Blade. Large, 10-12 Inches $175. X-Large, 12 Plus Inches $225 - KN1121. Coyote Jaw Bone Knife. Approximately 8 Inches $59 Stand $8 - KN1109. Painted Deer or Elk Antler Knife. X-Large, 12 Plus Inches $300.00 with Stand - KN1124. Deer Toe Neck Knife with Leather Thong. Approximately 3-4 Inches $24 - KN1101.
Beaver Jaw Bone Knife. Approximately 5 Inches $54 - KN1105. Deer Antler Tine Knife with Buckskin Thong. 5 to 6 Inches. Deer Tine $28.00 - Mini Deer Tine $24 - KN1102. Wooden Handled Knife. Small, 6 to 8 Inches $54  Medium, 8 to 10 Inches $76 - KN1110.
Alaskan Eskimo Ulu Knife with Elk Antler Stand $110 - With Elk Antler Stand and Eskimo Scrimshaw $145 - KN1118.

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